Cybex Ferrari Car Seat

Cybex Ferrari Car Seat

It’s no secret that Ferrari makes quality cars, and the same care and attention to detail went into designing their car seats as they did with their cars themselves. The Cybex Ferrari car seat uses top-of-the-line technology, including patented side-impact protection, to keep your child safe in case of an accident. But is it right for your family? Read on to learn more about the Cybex Ferrari car seat so you can decide whether it’s the best car seat choice for your family.

You’ve probably heard of Cybex brand car seats but what you may not know is that they offer a line called Cybex Ferrari. The Cybex Ferrari seat is an innovative car seat featuring patented Easy-Pull harness adjustments and, at just 22 pounds, it is one of their lightest models. The difference between other seats and the Cybex seats is obvious when you realize that every single part of these cars has been analyzed by top doctors and engineers to ensure both comfort and safety. I had a chance to do a hands-on review of their Ferrari model with my son in mind. It was clearly designed for kids who are full of energy and love cars. This car seat features a design inspired by racecars, allowing it to be ultra-lightweight (only 22 pounds), highly supportive, and safe. I can also tell you from experience that installation was super easy… even if you don’t consider yourself handy, there’s no doubt that installing a car seat should be simple enough for anyone! Overall, I am very happy with our purchase and would definitely recommend checking out Cybex’s lineup as they truly stand out from other car seats on the market in terms of design & quality…and they’re affordable too! Prices range from $199-$349 depending on which model you choose so you won’t have to break your budget! – John Nauss
A couple of links relating to car seats: Click here to view reviews Click here to purchase or find more information Click here for a video demonstration of how to use a car seat Here is another picture showing how tight and secure everything fit together, click here for pictures of Max all snug in his new car seat. And lastly, here is a picture showing Max using his newly adjusted car seat correctly with him leaning slightly forward making sure he doesn’t slump while we’re driving around town. Click here to check out additional images Click here to buy yours today! Hope you found useful information in today’s post! If you are planning on buying one or interested in one just let me know! I would be happy to answer any questions that you may have about them. Have a great day everyone! – John Nauss
Thanks so much, John, I am really glad that my review helped and it looks like it will be very useful for those looking at getting their kid(s) one.

Cybex Ferrari Car Seat Feature

The new Cybex Ferrari car seat offers a luxurious introduction to forward-facing car seats. This new model is at home in luxury vehicles, but also fits nicely into more practical cars that may have limited headroom. The Air Protect side impact protection system helps to cushion kids in an accident and is designed with an anti-slip feature to keep it snug against your vehicle’s interior. The height can be adjusted quickly, easily, and intuitively by pulling or pushing on arms located behind each of your child’s shoulders. When correctly positioned, you’ll hear a soft click letting you know that your kid is safe and secure from side impacts thanks to Air Protect technology.


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